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Welcome to Miss Johnson's homepage!


I am currently a junior at Auburn University studying Elementary Education. This website is dedicated to providing resources to further children's reading development. This website contains research based lesson designs to meet a variety of readers at a variety of levels. These lesson designs help students to develop in areas of fluency, phoneme awarenesss, phonemic awareness, letter recognition, concepts of print, decoding long and short vowels, blending, vocabulary, and summarization.


The site showcases four different literacy designs:

Emergent Literacy ("Dribble Dribble with the Letter D"),

Beginning Reading ("Icky Sticky Glue"),

Growing Independence & Fluency ("Lassoing Fluency in Reading"), and

Reading to Learn ("Summarizing A Whale of A Tale").


I hope this site will be a helpful resource to use or adapt for your classroom or personal use.  Enjoy exploring my website!  



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